Apply For Birth Certificate

After the birth of a child, a parent becomes responsible for fulfilling all the needs and wants of the baby. It is the duty of a parent to take care of every requirement of the child until the baby becomes capable of taking care of himself. And one such thing the parents need to take care of on the behalf of the kid is his mcd birth certificate.

Apply For Birth Certificate in Delhi
What is a birth certificate, Delhi?

In simple words, a birth certificate can be explained as a legal document that acts as an identity proof of an individual in different circumstances. The document essentially reports only the significant information about the child, like his date of birth, place of birth, and the gender of the baby.

In India as per the Registration of birth Act, 1969, it is mandatory to register the birth of every child within 21 days of the delivery with the respective state or union territory government. For doing this you will need to contact, the Municipal corporation/Municipal council.

Once you apply for the document along with all the essential documents and proof of birth, you should get the birth certificate Delhi mcd in your hand within 7 working days. However, if you are busy because of childbirth or for some reason you don’t want to do this on your own, then worry not because, at Passport Agents and Services, we can take care of the child’s birth certificate Delhi on your behalf. All you need to do is to just place a call!

Who should register the birth?

On the birth of a child, in order to get the birth certificate online Delhi, the following people are responsible to register the childbirth.

  • If the child is born in a house, the head of the family is held responsible for registering the birth.
  • If a mother has given birth to a baby in jail, then the in-charge at the jail is responsible for the birth registration task.
  • If the baby is delivered at the hospital then to get the birth certificate Delhi, any officer who has been authorized at the medical facility is held responsible.
  • If the childbirth happens in a vehicle then the person who owns the vehicle is responsible for getting the birth registered to get the birth certificate online, Delhi.

Why should one own birth certificate Delhi?

An individual should own the Birth Certificate Delhi, because

  • To get insurance benefits you will have to show your birth certificate, Delhi.
  • For getting documents like Passport, Driving Licence, or Voter ID you can be asked to present your mcd birth certificate as a proof.
  • To register for your marriage certificate you will be required to submit your mcd birth certificate to the authorities to prove your age.
  • To get admitted to an education institutional you can be asked to produce your birth certificate.

What are the documents required?

In order to get the birth certificate, you will need-

  • Proof of birth of the child
  • Parents’ identity proof
  • An affidavit stating date, place and time of the birth of the baby
  • Residential certificate of the parent

So, if you have had a baby and you are looking for an agency to get the mcd birth certificate for the child, then contact us, and we will get the document prepared for you in no time!