Correction in Passport

A passport is considered an important document that helps in establishing your nationality, identity, and age. This document generally contains the name, address, date of birth, signature, photograph and other such crucial information of the holder that helps in identifying him.

But a lot many times it happens that the information which has been provided on the passport needs to be amended. It can be because of a number of reasons, like maybe you got married recently and now you need to change your last name in the document, or you might have relocated to a new city and hence the old address needs to be altered, or it might just happen that some information about you got wrongly printed in the passport in which case you will need to apply for passport correction and your passport will be re-issued.

Passport Agent in Delhi for Correction in Passport

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Documents required for making corrections in the passport

The list of documents required for making correction vary depending upon what needs to be amended. However, some of the general documents that stay the same include-

  1. Original old passport
  2. A self-attested copy of
  • ECR/non-ECR page
  • Page of observation (if any)
  • Page of validity extension (if any)
  • The first and last two pages
  • NOC/ PI

Additional documents required (for change in name)

  • Fresh identity certificate that has altered name on it.
  • Gazette notification changing name

(For a change In Date of Birth)

  • Mandatory document with Date of Birth mentioned

(For a change in address)

  • Documents that prove the present address

So, if you need to get any changes done in your passport, then contact us and offer us a chance to help you!