Apply For Kid’s Passport

A lot of times minors have to travel abroad, sometimes for educational purposes and other times for tourism. But according to the determined rules, any individual who departs or intends to depart from India should be in acquisition of a valid passport otherwise he is considered an illegal migrant in the foreign soil. This applies to kids also who are flying to a foreign land. Hence, before going abroad a kid needs to be in possession of a child passport.

But we understand your concern. We know that you lead a busy life and in the midst of all the workload it becomes nearly impossible for you to take out the time to arrange for the child’s verification documents and to visit the passport office, especially if you are a stranger to the whole passport issuance process and have never before applied for the kid’s passport. But now with us only a call away from you, you do not need to worry, because we offer promising minor passport services at affordable prices!

Passport agent in Delhi to apply for Kid’s Passport

Yes, at Passport Agent and Consultation services we have a team of skilled agents and consultants who have been helping parents like you to apply for a baby passport for years. Our team is experienced and learned to face all the challenges and we know how to work around the quagmire of red tape. Our agents are trained to guide you at every step of the process of applying for a passport for the minor and we also offer you assistance in collecting all the necessary documentation. Not just that, but our agents also offer you 24*7 customer support and doorstep assistance.

Documents required for a Kids passport

Now, as for the documents required for the new passport, a list of the necessary paperwork that you will need to present before the passport authorities in order to apply for the child passport will include-

  • Birth certificate of the kid
  • Parents’ PAN card / Voter ID / Driving License
  • Original and self-attested copy of a parent’s passport
  • Aadhar card or e-aadhar of the baby
  • Aadhar card of the parent.
  • Utility Bill on the present address
  • Rent Document or Property Document on Parent’s name

So these are the documents required for the new passport. Now if your child is ready to leave for Abroad soon and you need passport issuance services for him, then consider hiring us to make your job easier!