Apply Tatkal Passport

A passport not only makes the immigration process to another country smoother, but it also serves as a legal document that establishes your identity in your own country. But the issuance of a passport is a complex and long-drawn process. It takes about 30 to 60 days for its completion under normal circumstances. But sometimes there are special conditions because of which an individual is required to travel to abroad urgently. Hence, for such situations, the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India has created the Tatkal scheme. Under the tatkal passport scheme, the document is issued and delivered within a few days.

But if you are unaware of the tatkal passport process and hence you do not understand how to work it out, then you do not need to worry. It is so because with the Passport Agent and Consultant services at your back you do need to worry about anything. If you hire us then, our agents and consultants will take care of it all, from submitting tatkal passport documents to scheduling tatkal passport appointments, to getting the passport delivered. Plus, if you face any queries or doubts then you can freely contact us at any hour and we will try our best to clear your confusion.

Passport Agent in Delhi to Apply For Tatkal Passport

With us, you will also get 24*7 customer support and complete assistance and services. We provide our clients with the benefit of both online and offline aid. Also, our agents and consultants are well-trained and experienced and hence they are well-equipped to face any challenges. We thrive in pleasing our clients and our main aim is to offer the best passport services to people across the country. So, if you are urgently flying abroad and looking for a passport agency that will take care of your tatkal passport application and work it out swiftly and with perfection, then consider contacting us.

Documents required for a Tatkal passport

If you hire us, then we promise to ensure that your tatkal passport duration is minimized and we take care of it for you within 5 days, given you present your tatkal passport documents duly. Now for the tatkal passport process, the documents that you will need to present will include-

1.      A verification certificate under Annexure 5

2.      Any 3 of the following documents

·        Arms license

·        Ration card

·        Pension documents

·        Birth certificate

·        Gas connection bill

·        Bank passport

·        Driving license

·        Student’s ID

·        Property documents

·        ID cards of freedom fighters

·        Certificate of SC/ST/OBC

·        Railway photo ID card

Now as for tatkal passport charges, the fee payment can be made through a Credit/ Debit card, SBI Bank Challan, or Internet Banking. The charges are Rs. 3,500 for 36 pages and Rs. 4,000 for 60 pages.

So, if you wish to hire passport services, then contact us!